Malaysian Film Week

Malaysian Film Week

April 11, Sat. through April 19, Sun. 2015

Organized by

  • Research in Film and Society in Southeast Asia (Refssea)
  • Research in Film and Society of Malaysia (Refsom)

Co-organized by

  • The Japan Foundation Asia Center
  • Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University

In co-operation with

  • Hati Malaysia
  • Mutiara Arts Production
  • Malaysia Food Net
  • Green Create Co. Ltd.
  • Astro Shaw
  • Tokyo International Film Festival

Endorsed by

  • Japan― Malaysia Association

Inquirery: (Japanese/English)

Official Website:
Facebook :
Twitter :


Cinemart Roppongi
Roppngi 3-8-15, minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032.
Tel:03-5413-7711 (Japanese only)


NEAREST SUBWAY STATION Roppongi(六本木駅) on Oedo(大江戸線) Subway Line and Hibiya (日比谷線)Subway Line

  • 2minites walk from Exit 5, Roppongi on Oedo Line
  • 2minites walk from Exit 3, Roppongi on HIbiya Line

Admission fee

1400 yen in advance / 1700 yen at the door

Reservation: Online reservation system by Confetti


All films are screened only with Japanese subtitles.
Please check the language of each film.

Yasmin Ahmad ~ Innovator of the Malaysian cinema

Talentime directed by Yasmin Ahmad

Sepet directed by Yasmin Ahmad

Gubra directed by Yasmin Ahmad

Mukhsin directed by Yasmin Ahmad

Muallaf directed by Yasmin Ahmad

James Lee ~ Gardian of the Independent Films

Call If You Need Me directed James Lee

3 Doors of Horrors produced by James Lee
2013, 2014/total 90min/digital/color/Malay ・Cantonese,Mandarin

New Talents from Malaysia-Japan

NOVA / Terbaik Dari Langit directed by Nik Amir Mustapha

River of Exploding Durians directed by Edmund Yeo

The Second Life of Thieves directed byming Jin Woo

Redemption Night directed by Takao Hosoi

At the End of Daybreak by directed by Yuhang Ho

Sharifah Amani ~ Yasmin’s Muse

Kampung Bangsar directed by Sharifah Amani
2012/ 15min/digital/color

Hawa directed by Sharifah Amani
2013/ 15min/digital/color

Pete Teo ~ Protesting by Music

15MALAYSIA produced by Pete Teo


April 11, Saturday
11:00 Sepet
14:00 Malaysian Cultural Seminar <Malaysian Food>
* this program is not screening.
* We prepare a little gift for all participants
16:30 Gubra
19:00 Call If You Need Me

April 12, Sunday
11:00 Mukhsin
13:45 Muallaf
16:30 Talentime
19:30 NOVA / Terbaik Dari Langit

April 13, Monday
11:00 15MALAYSIA, Kampung Bangsar, Hawa
14:15 Gubra
16:45 Sepet with multiple-coloured subtitles
19:30 Redemption Night

April 14, Tuseday
11:00 NOVA / Terbaik Dari Langit
13:15 River of Exploding Durians
15:45 The Second Life of Thieves
19:00 At the End of Daybreak

April 15, Wednesday
11:00 Muallaf
13:30 15MALAYSIA, Kampung Bangsar, Hawa
16:45 Call If You Need Me
18:45 Sepet with multiple-coloured subtitles

April 16, Thursday
11:00 The Second Life of Thieves
13:00 Gubra
16:00 3 Doors of Horrors
18:45 Redemption Night

April 17, Friday
11:00 Talentime
13:45 NOVA / Terbaik Dari Langit
16:30 Mukhsin
19:15 River of Exploding Durians

April 18, Saturday
11:00 Call If You Need Me
13:30 Mukhsin
15:30 Redemption Night
18:45 Sepet

April 19, Sunday
11:00 At the End of Daybreak
13:30 River of Exploding Durians
16:30 The Second Life of Thieves
19:00 Talentime

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